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Attic Insulation in Greenville, SC can help reduce your utility costs by up to 25%. If you have less than 9 inches of insulation in your attic then you are losing money every month in utility costs.

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Energy-efficient attic insulation in Greenville, SC

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Our Attic insulation greenville sc will come to your home and evaluate your attic, free of charge, and give you our professional opinion on what your needs may be.

Our Attic insulation Greenville sc specializes in loose-fill cellulose and our standard is an R-40 in the attic which is 30% higher than the Standard Code in South Carolina.

If you have not had any moisture issues or rodent activity in your attic then it is perfectly safe to blow new insulation on top of the old. We can also help with the extraction of old insulation and blow in new if you have had moisture or rodent activity.

Another common problem that we see in attics are related to platforms and storage areas. Attics are a great area to store our overflow of decorations, clothes and miscellaneous items, but they become problematic when they are sitting right on the ceiling joists and not allowing for at least 9” of clearance to the sheet rock. Our Attic Insulation Greenville sc can help you by framing your platform up higher and allowing adequate insulation as well as keeping the valued storage space in your attic.

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