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Detecting Leaks and Improving Indoor Air Quality

Duct blast testing is similar to how a plumber tests water lines for leaks.

A blower door is a large fan that is temporarily installed at one of the HVAC system’s access points, such as a return or supply duct opening. It puts pressure on the duct work and calculates the extent of leaks. Pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure inside the duct system and determine the airflow rate.

Duct blast testing is an essential quality assurance measure for HVAC systems, ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively while minimizing energy waste and maintaining indoor air quality.

Leaks in the return ducts can cause indoor air quality issues as they pull air in from the crawlspace, attic or garage. But it also causes your equipment to work harder as it is adding hot or cold air, depending on the time of year, back to your air handler and then through the supply lines.

Duct Blast Testing Greenville, SC
Energy Audit by A1 Insulation, Greenville, SC

A duct blast test is required in the State of South Carolina for any new home construction. It is also valuable for existing homes, because it can help quickly and inexpensively diagnose a problem that can be costing a homeowner significant amounts of money.

Duct Blast tests will help you prioritize your needs to make your home more energy efficient. By identifying and sealing leaks, duct blast testing helps improve the overall efficiency of HVAC systems, which can lead to energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Schedule a test today!

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Ensure your HVAC system is working efficiently with A-1 Insulation in Greenville, SC’s duct blast testing services. Our experts use specialized equipment to measure the air pressure and locate any leaks in your ductwork. Don’t let your HVAC system work harder than it needs to. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you save money and improve your indoor comfort.